> 2007 Finished Objects

This album consists of all of my completed knitted objects for the year 2007. A doll, an afghan, a cardigan, socks, and more socks can be found here! :-)

Gathered Pullover
Sigma Gamma Rho, Wave 2 Go Mittens
Aunt Sylvia's Christmas Socks
Mr. Mornin' Bear
Candy Corny Socks
Baby Surprise Jacket
EZ's Surplice Baby Jacket
Knittin' Like a Rock Star Handspun Socks
Tilted Duster
February Baby Sweater
A Sweater for Holly
Saartje's Rockin' Baby Booties
Cross Hatch Lace Socks
Lizard Ridge
Holly McKnotty
Scrollin' Muddy Water Socks
Knee High to a Grasshopper Socks
Camo Baby Hoodie
2007 Rockin Socks Club, 1st Package = COMPLETE!
A Cardigan for Arwen
Almost Superbowl Champs, Almost Matching (Seattle) Seahawks Socks
Nuthin' but Love Socks
Monkey Socks